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Guest Author: Aramis

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Meet Aramis!

Aramis is a very happily married man who finally got marriage right on the second try! He is a retired Air Force and now works in retail security. In his off time, he is an amateur writer of erotic stories, the steamier the better! His penchant has always been for two things, those being redheads and women with very large breasts, so you can expect to see both of them featured in most of his writings.

Aramis also has a blog in which he publishes his erotic tales, so check it out when you get the chance and let him know what you think in the “Comments” section. All writers thrive on feedback, and he is no exception; please be good enough to leave a comment on his stories both here and on his blog.

Aramis also writes on request. If you have a specific situation or character that you would like to read about, don’t be afraid to ask; after all, you have nothing to lose! In the words of the British SAS, “Who Dares, Wins!”.

You can contact Aramis by email on [email protected]

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